Our lives revolve around cars. We have bought them, restored them and sold them for 25+ years We match clients with classics that will serve them well – and at the right price. We understand that a business is built by exceeding customer’s expectations. Referrals are everything in businesses involving items with sentimental value such as classic cars.

We buy and sell rust free Classic Cars in Texas. They’re all sourced through a small network of close associates and real-life buddies that we’ve worked with for years. They’re not purchased from public auctions or third parties where the history of the vehicle is suspect. We purchase them directly from home garages where they may have been sitting; untouched for years, explaining why they’re generally low mileage cars.

The cars we compete to source consist of the models and variants you’re most interested in, and we’ve been doing this for well over a decade, which means we have the contacts and expertise to buy a Classic Car from almost any era and have it ready to ship to you in a short period of time. No matter what year, make or model your Classic Car is we’re confident we’ll be able to source it for you.

Investments in Classic Cars tend to appreciate in the same way as the stock market with an annual appreciation of 10% a year, although there are often huge spikes of more than 20% a year.


  • Live the life and own the car I dreamed of as a teenager
  • Join the big boys club and own a true American/European Classic muscle or truck
  • Pick up the car of my dreams for a fraction of the price of a new car
  • Fit in with my peers that have owned/owned a classic car
  • Relive the golden age. The 70s were the greatest
  • Bring home an iconic classic like the Camaro, the Shelby or the Road Runner
  • Model an image that matches and helps me achieve my goals in life
  • I like Classic Cars and I want to buy one to drive on a regular basis.
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